Advanced Movie Tickets On Sale

>> April 3, 2008

Last weekend the advanced movie tickets for the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Movie were put up for sale. If you would like to purchase an advanced ticket, you can go to your local ANIMATE shop (Japan Only). If you do not live near an ANIMATE shop, you can mail-order your tickets. Here is a list of places that will be selling the tickets: 池袋シネマサンシャイン( 渋谷Q-AXシネマ ( 名古屋ピカデリー( なんばパークスシネマ( シネ・リーブル梅田( シネ・リーブル神戸( And here's a list of places that you can mail-order your tickets: ・アニメイト( ※徳島店を除く ・とらのあな( ・メロンブックス( ・ゲーマーズ( ・アニブロゲーマーズ( ・マグマニ( ・アソビットシティ( ・PANORAMA LD‐DVD.COM( ・アニメイトTV通販( The advanced tickets include special gifts that you receive with your purchase. Below is a compilation of what you can get with your advanced tickets. 1. Ryukishi07 newly-written TIPs, with a deluxe hardcover 2. Original Higurashi syringe mechanical pencil. Is filled with a "mysterious liquid." This special offer is worth over 2000 yen. The production of these items are limited, so please get them as soon as possible.
Translated from Higurashi Official site