Episode 6 Cover & Portrait

>> November 27, 2009


Beatrice's Character song "Chain" Translation

>> November 8, 2009

Hi everyone LOL!!
It's really hard maintaining/updating/working on everything in a huge site with one single person (me).

I did this really fast so it's probably shitty, but it's some material to post to the few people (read: none) that visit this site.
Here you go everyone


長い月日ずっと 望んでいた願いは
闇へ 迷い込んだ
欲しがっていたのは 泡沫の幸せ

The wish I desired for so long
Strayed off into darkness
Can this Endless power realize
The fleeting happiness I wanted?

冷たい椅子の上で 座り込んで考えていた
果たせない約束 待ち続けた千年

I sat down on a cold chair and pondered
Whether the promise I waited for 1000 years for can even be granted

金色色の蝶たちが 奏で集う幻想
愛があったのなら 真実は視える
狂おしく咲きゆく 薔薇たちに抱かれては
一人づつ消えてしまう ねぇ早く 見つけて

Gold butterflies play and gather around
If you have love, the truth can be seen
When I grasp roses, they bloom madly and disintegrate
One by one, they disappear too rapidly; I have to find them

誰がために生まれて 誰がために泣くのか
囚われた小鳥は 自分さえ視えずに

For whom was I born, for whom do I cry?
I ask questions with no response
In the small caged bird, I can see myself
My fragile heart is dyed red

破壊と再生の ループの海で漂って
辿りついた岸へ 上がることを許して

Drifting in the sea of the loop of destruction and creation
To the shore you arrive at, follow its path upstream

滅びゆく力に 何にもできなくとも
愛があったのなら 魔法は視える
空っぽの部屋へと 一人きりのにしないで
この胸にやっと 誇りがもてるなら 抗おう

In the power of breaking and dying, even if nothing is created
If you have love, magic can be seen
Please don't go alone to an empty room
In my heart, finally; If you have enough confidence, I'll fight back

ひとつの愛を 見つけたときに
全ての虚実は つながり意味を失う

When you find your loved one
The difference between truth and lies hold no meaning
Even with one wing... you can fly... to the beloved hometown

どんなに長い 時も乗り越えて

(I want to become) A “true” witch
Because I want you to accept me
No matter how long it takes, I'll keep trying time after time

滅びゆく力に 何にもできなくとも
愛があったのなら 魔法は視える
狂おしく咲きゆく 有限の命抱いて
蒼色の空へ 扉開く時 笑おう

In the power of breaking and dying, even if nothing is created
If you have love, magic can be seen
When my finite life is embraced, it blooms madly and disintegrates
Towards the blue sky; when that door opens, let's laugh...


The golden butterflies dance


In the interval of purgatory...

By the way if anybody wants to like, do anything on the site at all, then comment or something. I'm pretty desperate.


うみねこのなく頃に UMG compilation+UMG Vol.5 Preview

>> August 2, 2009

Here are all volumes of the うみねこのなく頃に UMG (Umineko Motion Graphic). Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 And here is the preview of the UMG for Vol.5,which involves all of the previous episodes.