Higurashi Kai - Musubi File.01 Cover and info released!

>> February 28, 2008

The cover for the next Higurashi dvd - musubi 1's cover has been revealed to the public. This DVD contains episodes 13-14 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. It will include tons of special features and extras. It will be released March 21st. Title: DVD 捜査録 - 結(ムスビ) - file.01 (DVD Sosaroku - Musubi - file.01) Price: 6,930 Yen (tax included) (About US$69)


New movie trailer and promotional poster released

>> February 25, 2008

A new movie trailer has been released from Phantom Film for the upcoming Higurashi movie due for theaters this summer, which you can watch below (coming soon) or at Phantom Film official site. It is more in-depth than the previous teaser that was released and I've developed more positive feelings towards the movie so far. Phantom has also released a promotional poster (chirashi) for the movie as well, which you can see to your right. (And in case of inquiry, the text on the paper is Keiichi's hidden 'suspicion letter' he placed behind the clock.)


Higurashi on the DS!

>> February 22, 2008

It has been decided that Higurashi will be released for the Nintendo DS! A quote from the official site as follows:

"The original software is very popular. With manga, anime, novels, live-action movies and other various media. The PS2 version has accumulated more than 20 million copies sold, that it was just a matter of time Higurashi on the DS would finally come. Please enjoy it on the new system and stay tuned!"
Title: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna (first volume) Model: Nintendo DS Players: 1 Price: 3990 yen (or 3800 yen including tax) (approximately US$25) Developer: Alchemist Source(s): [1], [2]


Advanced ticket sale rewards

>> February 20, 2008

For those of you who will live in or will be in Japan around the time of it's release, by buying your ticket before or on 3/29/2008 (Saturday) you will be given a gift with your ticket (they are apparently wrongly announced before). You can get either (1) Higurashi material collection (2) Injection syringe type mechanical pencil


Satoshi and Keiichi Character CD

>> February 14, 2008

The last of the character CDs! (for now) The third Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai cd has released, this time Satoshi and Keiichi's CD. Aside from the hilariously disturbing cover, the single is actually really good, and the drama is pretty funny as well. The song titles are YellowsicKING (Satoshi) and 'Cool ni nare!~Keep on our love~' (Keiichi). You can download it below!


"WHEEL OF FORTUNE" and "Hikari Nadeshiko"

>> February 8, 2008

The title of Eiko Shimamiya's upcoming album has been confirmed to be Hikari Nadeshiko (ひかりなでしこ). If you would like to purchase it, you can do so at these links: Yesasia - Limt. Edition | Reg. Edition CDJapan - Limt. Edition | Reg. Edition Also, information has been released regarding "WHEEL OF FORTUNE."

MAXI SINGLE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪) 2008/4/16 FCCJ-0002 1,890 Yen Tracklist
  1. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪)
  2. Diorama
  3. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪)(Instrumental)
  4. Diorama(Instrumental)
Also, it has been announced that the second track "Diorama" will be the ending theme to the Higurashi movie.