Character CD: "Irie and their Counterattack" track listing

>> May 30, 2008

The (probable) final Higurashi no Naku Koro ni CD has been given a tracklist. As mentioned before, the CD will be sang by the voice actors of Irie (Doctor), Chie (Teacher) and Akasaka (Police Officer Investigator). Here's the tracklist for you all. It will be released on August 15, 2008. I honestly don't understand the extremely long release date, however.

01. HEAVEN's Door    By Irie (Seki Toshihiko) 02. BUCHIKAMACE Tekkabuto Dan!    By Mamoru Akasaka (Daisuke Ono) 03. Chie Sensei no Kareeraisu Ondo    By Rumiko (Orikasa Fumiko) 04. HEAVEN's Door -Irie off ver.- 05. BUCHIKAMACE Tekkabuto Dan! -Akasaka off ver.- 06. Chie Sensei no Kareeraisu Ondo -Chie Sensei off ver.-