New Character CD & Remix Album

>> April 14, 2008

A new CD containing new character songs as well as a few previously released remixed character songs will be released. - Keiichi/Ooishi no Uwasa no Jikenbo ABC - Maebara Keiichi (Hoshi Souichirou) and Ooishi Kuraudo (Chafuurin) - Nanodesu☆ - Hanyuu (Horie Yui) The title for the new character CD is titled "Irietachi no Gyakushuu" (meaning: Irie and the others) The cast for that is Irie Kyousuke, Akasaka Mamoru, Chie Rumiko. --Anyway, it's very late and I can't stay awake any longer. Information on the character CDs and other shit ASAP