>> April 4, 2006

ひぐらしのく頃に Movie With Kai complete with it's airing, they're releasing another Higurashi epedemic. The Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Movie. They've brought together a promising cast of talented actors and actresses for this movie. The movie is said to be an adaption of the first arc, Onikakushi-hen(Sprited Away by the Demon), which is about the first four episodes of the anime. It will be directed by Ataru Oikawa and is set to be aired in Japanese theatres around Spring of 2008. [Picture, Left to right: Rena (Airi Matsuyama), Keiichi (Gouki Maeda), Mion (Rin Asuka)] Cast Gouki Maeda Role: Keiichi Maebara Birth Date: Apr 3, 1991 Born: Kanagawa Prefecture Maeda has performed in many TV programs such as "Wai wai kizzu" (Station:CS/CATV), "Otokonoko onnanoko" (Station:CX) and "Sawayaka 3 Kumi" (Station:NHK). He has gained attention recently in commercials and magazines including "Myojo", "Kindai" and promoting the "Newly Modeled PSP" (Sony Computer Entertainment). This will be his movie debut. As he was openly awaiting work, he recieved a role for "Komori Kachou no Yuuga na Hibi" (scheduled to open to the public in 2008) and because he is a young male actor he is being paid attention to for future work. Airi Matsuyama Role: Rena Ryuuguu Birth Date: July 15, 1990 Born: Fukuoka Prefecture Matsuyama aims to be an actress, and has been an active model in "Love Berry" magazine since childhood. She became an Elite Model Finalist in 2006. She performed in the TV dramas "Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari Haru no Tokubetsu hen (Sane Education)" (Station:CX) and "Kyouto he Okoshi Yasu!" (Station:MBS/TBS). Her activity in commercials has been steadily expanded and she has been selected for "Yamazaki Chinese (07/08 Autumn/Winter). This will also be her first movie. Rin Asuka Role: Mion Sonozaki Birth Date: March 28, 1991 Born: Osaka Prefecture Her debut in acting was in 2007 for the drama "Asakusa Inn" (Station:TBS). Afterwards her charm was demonstrated in commercials and on stage. Her movie debut was called "Tenshi ga Kureta Mono" which released in 2007. She will also appear in "Dousoukai (temporary)" (scheduled to open to the public in 2008). Aika Role: Rika Furude Birth Date: Oct 1, 1991 Born: Chiba Prefecture Aika debuted in 2006 in television commercials. She has advanced from gravure modeling in 2007 and suddenly seemingly the next day attracted much attention, and shone in Miss Magazine 2007. She is energetic as an actress; her main movie appearances are "Omoide no Nagisa" (2007) and "URAHARA" (scheduled to open to the public in 2008). Erena Ono Role: Satoko Houjou Birth Date: Nov 26, 1993 Born: Tokyo She debuted as a member in the idol unit "AKB48" produced by Yasushi Akimoto. She was chosen from the audition from 20,000 applications directed at membership. It majorly debuted in 2006. She participated in the 2007 Red and White New Year's Music Special. Her movie appearances include "Ashita no Watashi no Tsukuri Kata" (2007) and "Densen ka" (2007).
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