>> April 4, 2006

Normal Mode: Rena appears from different parts of the screen. When she gets close, you click on her fist to dodge the attack. If you click it too early or too late, you will lose and be prompted to try again. RPI Rena mode: Once you evade 100 times, Rena will go into RPI (Rena Flash Impact) mode. The screen will then display a WARNING first, then will initiate with a very quick (and difficult to dodge) flash attack. You are to click the area where the rays of light (yellow streams) do not touch. This will occur several times before reverting back to Normal Mode. Navigation Screen (Starting the game) Option 1: Start Option 2: View scores Option 3: Quality Settings Screen (after you lose) Option 1: Start from beginning Option 2: Retry Option 3: View scores Option 4: Input to scoreboard (only if you beat the high score)