Pictures and Wallpapers

>> April 4, 2006


Before you enter the gallery section, please take a look at the following disclaimers. Magazine Scans Disclaimer: Rarely are the images originally mine. However, for the largest images I placed a very very small watermark on them. In most cases they should be easily edited out if you would like 100% clean image. This is to (hopefully) prevent hotlinking and my links from dying too soon. DVD Scans Disclaimer: Most of these images were scanned by me or scanned for Higurashi Infinity., so please do not take without prior notice. However, there are some that were scanned by others and are not under my jurisdiction. If you would like a list of which are a Wallpaper Disclaimer : I found most of the wallpapers from 4ch and 2ch, which means there was not any information regarding the artist of the material. If you know or are the artist to one of the images and would prefer some sort of credit, please e-mail with information as well as number of the wallpaper you're referring to. Also if you are the artist and want your material removed, I assume you know your rights as by allowing content on the internet you have allowed it for free use anyway, but I will remove it at the request of the artist nonetheless. Original Wallpaper Disclaimer: If a wallpaper was made by someone from higurashi infinity and has proper credit also with a note stating it is for higurashi infinity, please do not distribute it without prior notice. Screencap Disclaimer: All of the screencaps were taken by me. Since they are originally not my material, you can use them wherever or for whichever purpose, and can credit or link back if you would like to. However, the links and the packs were created by me, so please don't use the links or packs without credit or a link back. Notifying Usage of Images: Please send your requests to